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A friend of mine works in the marketing department of a local Audi/Porsche dealership in the Philadelphia area. Several months ago, he sent me an email about a contest that the dealership would be sponsoring. Honestly, I didn’t thoroughly read the rules, I just listened to his brief explanation and I’m not sure I even got a grasp on what he was looking for. The basic rules were: it has to include the dealer’s name (Don Rosen Imports), something about “the car of your dreams” and the website address. The rest was up to creativity. I came up with an idea. I figured that most of the submissions would look the same. Sleek cars winding around roads, hugging the turns, being driven by a guy with mirrored sunglasses and a leather jacket. Pretty much the result of stopping ten random people on the street and asking them to write a car commercial.
Here’s a car dealership promo, through the eyes of josh pincus is crying.

CLICK HERE for the actual company web page, where you can vote for your favorite video. I think you know which one to vote for.
By the way, in the production of my video, the bulk of my effort went into looking for my old Hot Wheels cars.




  1. Good luck Josh! Hope you will be crying tears of joy when you win! Let’s all vote for Josh Pincus!!!
    Make sure you put your toys away when you are finished playing.

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