Monday Artday: cocktail lounge

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The challenge for this week on Monday Artday is “cocktail lounge”.
in some secluded rendezvous...
I’m sure the topic of “cocktail lounge” conjures up images of swingin’ little cozy hideaways where a cool cat can order a hip martini-du-jour and smooth-talk a sophisticated chick. Think Frank Sinatra, Buster Poindexter and Dean Martin with a bit of Lord Buckley’s silky speech.
I admit when I saw the topic, the first thing I thought was “loser”.
I don’t drink. I haven’t been in a bar or cocktail lounge in twenty-five years. And my only frame of reference is Steve Buscemi‘s directorial debut “Trees Lounge”.
The film, Trees Lounge, was about a cocktail lounge filled with losers, talking about their loser lives, hanging out with their loser friends and screwing up every opportunity to better themselves. It was a really depressing movie.
I highly recommend it.




  1. Watch out for the guy in the fez. He’ll wait until one of the other guys goes to the men’s room and then steal his money from the bar.

    Never trust a guy in a fez. Unless, of course, you’re at a Shriner’s convention or in Marrakesh.

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