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This week’s word at illustrationfriday.com is “camouflage“.

he was an awfully BIG marine

I love Stan Ridgway! He is one of the most talented and underrated singer-songwriters in modern music. One-time leader of L.A. new-wave band Wall of Voodoo, Stan’s solo career has spanned twenty years and still continues. In 1986, he released his first solo album, The Big Heat. This album featured the song “Camouflage“, a story of a soldier stuck, alone, in a Vietnamese jungle. When the situation looks hopeless, a mysterious marine enters the scene and the fights off Charlie with ease. The story is a re-telling of the urban legend, “The Vanishing Hitchiker“. “Camouflage” went to the top 5 on the British charts, but went relatively unnoticed here in the US. Stan continues to release great albums as a solo artist and with his side project, Drywall. His music is worth seeking out.

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  1. I’m just a random stranger on the Net, doing some research on underwater camouflage for a spearfishing project and came across this place…

    Now, as it didn’t appear to me right away I could possibly find anything useful here I was tempted to hit the back button as soon as the page had loaded, but the drawing caught my eye and I spent a minute taking a closer look; the drawing didn’t make much sense at first, ok, it was obvious it depicted a long-timer and a rookie, but considering that the rounds were coming in from a direction where the palm tree would offer no concealment what so ever, much less cover, I’ll admit I was quite puzzled and decided to read through the text to find out why anyone would ever want to draw something like that (yeah call me a nitpicker, but my brain hurts when I see something that doesn’t add up)…

    So, I pulled up the artist/lyrics on Google and did another search on YouTube – what I found almost brought a tear to my eye, it doesn’t happen very often I come across songs that makes me feel like that, but this one did!

    Whoever set up this site; you’ve made a random stranger very happy, and for that I thank you!:)

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