DCS: sharon tate

Sadly, Sharon Tate is remembered more for her senseless murder instead of her budding and potential film career. Sharon, a native Texan, was entered in numerous beauty pageants as a child. As her family moved around the country, due to her father’s employ with the US Army, Sharon entered more pageants, eventually gaining “celebrity” status …

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IF: monkey

“Abba, daba, daba, daba, daba, daba, dab” Means “Monk, I love but you” “Abba, daba, dab, ” in monkey talk Means “Chimp, I love you too” Then the big baboon, one night in June He married them, and very soon They went upon their abba daba honeymoon

DCS: ray milland

Ray Milland, the Oscar-winning star of 1945’s The Lost Weekend, was Paramount Studios highest-paid actor from 1934 to 1948. He made some memorable films — Dial M for Murder, The Major and the Minor, Beau Geste, Reap the Wild Wind and my mom’s favorite The Uninvited — and starred with some of Hollywood’s greatest leading ladies — Gene Tierney, Grace Kelly, Lana Turner, Marlene Dietrich, Loretta Young, and Veronica …

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DCS: estelita rodriguez

Fourteen-year old Cuban native Estelita Rodriguez signed a contract with MGM studios in 1942. She was dropped by the studio, however, just prior to filming her first picture. She moved to New York and signed a five-picture deal with Republic Pictures, a studio that produced Roy Rogers movies and specialized in Westerns. Her debut was in Along …

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DCS: rachel corrie

In 2003, college senior Rachel Corrie traveled from her hometown of Olympia, Washington to Rafah, a combat zone in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. Her goal was to make Rafah a “sister city” with Olympia. During her mission, she joined up with a pro-Palestinian activist group called International Solidarity Movement. The group opposed the Israel …

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DCS: sandy west

From the time she was nine years old, when her grandfather bought her a drum kit, Sandy West had been rocking. Using every spare minute to practice, Sandy became the drummer in her Long Beach, California elementary school band. Later, she was the only female drummer who played in local bands. Fifteen-year-old Sandy met flamboyant …

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